Whew! This past school year blew right along, am I right? May was jam packed with field trips, programs, tests, activities, and awards. Boom. It’s over. What do you do during summer school break?

This summer I am working part time and spending the rest with my children. My 11yo daughter and I will be appearing in a play produced by our local library. So far, rehearsals have been fun! I love spending this creative time with her.

My 3yo wants only sticks and dirt. It’s a good thing our yard has plenty!

Besides play time, I want to have a little me time during my summer. How will I do this since I will never be alone? Watch me!

  • Reading. I have always loved reading. I shall dive into other worlds this summer, most especially Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My daughter and I just started the 6th book! I also have a list of books to get through this year. Usually one on my phone and two in my hand works best.
  • Naps. I solemnly swear to take a few naps each week.
  • Spa. My good friend, Sherel, is a talented new esthetician in Paris. I shall connect with her for at least one spa facial treatment. Rub my face, please!

What’s your summer plan?