When the Cold Makes You Hurt

Winter is upon us and our bodies are aching 🙁  Are you afflicted by weather related body aches? Does it feel like your joints need oiled? ——> ME TOO.

Here are a few ways to ease cold weather discomfort:

  • Hot bath or shower
    • Try adding your favorite bath salts or bath bombs for extra comfort
  • Heat packs (heated towel, heating pad, rice pillow)
  • Gentle movement
  • Therapeutic Massage with hot packs (I know where you can get this!)

Your massage session will be filled with warmth and caring touch to soothe your cold, aching muscles. When you’re ready to schedule, call or schedule online. Your body will thank you with a better night’s sleep.

The Lunch Hour

Work, school, sports, social media, errands, blah blah blah. No time. NO TIME FOR NUTHIN’! “I don’t have time to shower every day, how can I get a massage?”


Schedule 30 minutes to work on your back, neck, and shoulders. I won’t get goop in your hair. We can listen to pop music or show tunes so you won’t get sleepy. We will loosen up your neck and lighten your mood!

Are you ready?

Soothing heat nestles the head and neck