Tracy Bradley, Licensed Massage Therapist

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Massage is a natural pain reliever. It feels awesome and helps you sleep better. Headaches become fewer and far between with regular massage. Bad moods and irritability magically disappear. All you have to do is lie down and breathe. Stress melts away, pain disappears and your quality of life improves all in one fantastic session. 

I give a magnificent relaxation massage, complete with hot packs and aroma therapy. Is specific pain relief more what you are looking for? I do that, too. A combination of relaxation techniques, heat, and firm massage blend together nicely for pain relief AND stress relief. Shoulder, neck, and lower back pain are the most common complaints in my treatment room. And stress.

Did I mention massage is a great stress reliever? Stress related illnesses send thousands of people to the doctor each year. Too much stress could actually contribute to your shoulder/neck/back pain. Massage can help. Never tried massage? Why wait? Feel better sooner rather than later! It’s easy to schedule an appointment. You may call or schedule online right from this website. Click here to read about what to expect your first visit.

You can read about some of the benefits of massage by clicking here. Do you still have questions? Do you have a condition, surgery or health issue? Please call me I will be happy to discuss your situation!


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